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About Me

Hello! I’m Paiman Vahdati - for the past four years, I've been collaborating with amazing people to build and evangelize amazing products/services; and manage diverse sets of projects, programs, and marketing/sales campaigns.

I’m passionate about technologies that help improve businesses and make life easier for all of us. I believe 100% in putting my team's goals and objectives before my own self-interests to work towards a common far it's helped me succeed in most everything I've done! :)


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2013 - 2015

City Manager, Mobilizer Program


2013 - Current

Product / Product Marketing


2010 - 2013

Project Manager

Hitachi Data Systems

City Manager, Mobilizer Program


Elance-oDesk is a company that is reinventing the way we work. Today, more than 2 million businesses tap into and to find, hire, and pay the world’s best freelancers, making it easier than ever to build successful companies and thriving careers.

After gaining recognition from Elance’s startup competition, I was asked to join their team part-time to build and execute a local on/offline strategy to create, deliver, and capture more value to Silicon Valley startups.

•Launched w/ $60k budget; 50+ events, presentations, & workshops.
•Improved metrics by 25-50%: # new clients, job posts, repeats, revenue
•Built strategic partnerships w/startup orgs; awareness to 17k startups
•Engaged clients through product demos and 1:1 mentor sessions
•Exceeded quota of 15 customers/mo; bonuses for overachievement.
•Collaborated w/ team to share best practices, materials, & success stories.

Product / Product Marketing


Founded "So-Fly" (Social-Flyer) app for iPhone, which helped Craigslist / eBay sellers create shareable, professional, and customizable HTML product flyers within the app in just 3 easy steps.

In 2013, I was acqui-hired on to a team of 7 to launch the Flickflyer ("Craigslist with Video") mobile app, build the user base, and raise capital. I began by researching the landscape to develop a deep understanding of the market, identify business opportunities, and create a Go-To-Market strategy.

★ Accomplishments: ★

•Secured investment/grants/awards by articulating a strong business case.
•Executed GTM strategy at 3 colleges; managed / on-boarded 17 interns.
•Managed sales: relationships, assessment, proposals, negotiation, delivery.
•Conducted 200+ customer development interviews.
•Digital marketing strategy: Landing pages, Social, SEO, SEM, A/B testing.
•Created personas, value props, positioning, and key messaging.
•Won 8+ pitch competitions-developed ability to communicate/influence.
•Analyzed feedback, optimized user flows, developed mock-ups.
•Learned invaluable knowledge in SpartUps & Startup Cup Accelerators.
★ Awards: ★

-1st Place: SV Business Plan Competition ($10k Bill Barton Award)
-Peoples' Choice Award: SV Innovation Challenge ($2,500 Award)
-2nd Best Pitch: SVIC
-3rd Best Innovation: SVIC
-Finalist: Oakland Splash ($20,000+)
-1st Place: Entrepreneurs' Saloon
-1st Place: Angel Launch
-3rd Place: Elance Ignition Pitch SF ($500)
-Finalist, Silicon Valley Startup Cup
-1st Place: PitchForce SF

Project Manager

Hitachi Data Systems

Provided full range of HR consulting services to Finance and Sales client groups, working with 50+ senior managers and C-Level executives. Project Owner for 6+ internal HR projects, supervised and trained interns/new support team to assist.
•Created“AskHR” tool, increased 48 hr SLA adherence 60% to 90%•Defined/fixed 60+ broken processes working w/ stakeholders.•Co-Created 200 page training manual, headed training sessions in Denver.•Prepared, analyzed, presented HR reports for execs & communications.•Led diverse teams, ensured smooth delivery of projects / programs.
★ Awards: ★
•Spirit Award ($500) for planning, implementing, executing global event.•Spirit Award ($500) from Exec Committee for leading special projects.•Night on the Town ($200) for on-boarding and training new coordinators. •Award & letter from BlueArc CEO for organizing, leading, driving merger.


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

University of Virginia

Darden Graduate School of Business

2015 - Current Statement of Accomplishment - Design Thinking For Business Innovation

San Jose State University

Finance, minor in Economics

2006 - 2011 Forbes ranked SJSU as one of the top 20 “Colleges that will make you rich”. There is no wonder why. Accredited by AACSB International, my college career was the most challenging and rewarding 5 years ( love to learn...what can I say?). From case studies, class projects, presentations to leadership positions, volunteer work, and mentoring others, SJSU gave me all the right experiences, tools and resources I needed to succeed then and now. BTW, less than 5% of business programs worldwide have earned this distinguished hallmark of excellence in business education.

Stanford University

Stanford Continued Studies - Entrepreneurship

2012 - Current


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.





Product Management

Research & Analysis




Public Speaking

Social Media





Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

SJSU Professor

Guest Lecture for Business Plan Class (March 2015)

"Thank you for a terrific lecture. You shared really great insights with the students. They were so impressed by you, and said you're a natural communicator (which you are!) You are such a wonderful role model for them. I hope many of them will go out and interview more customers, as you suggested. "

Saif Akhtar

Startup Specialist, Community Builder & Project Manager

Paiman is unlike other entrepreneurs. He has a way of building relationships and maintaining them that very few executives I know can. I know this because he first impressed us at Spartups when he reached out to us diligently over a few weeks, asked the right kinds of questions and pretty much convinced us to bring him and Flickflyer into the Spartups program before even accepting applications! Flickflyer is a win in my book but in the event Paiman does become available to join another company you want to be sure he's working with you or for you! Hungry for success, Paiman isn't the type to give up on his dreams. Hire him or you may just be looking at your next boss in 10-15 years!

Bing Tan

Founding Father at

I was looking for a co-founder for our pet project: and met each other other candidates. We made a lot of initial Skype discussions and eventually met to sign our partnership deal and never looked back.

I love the attitude and the positive vibe, Thinks very fast on his feet with a solid plan of attack. I couldn't have asked for a much better partner and it's not been over a year since we've been working closely together.

Alan Duong

Finance Leader Development Program (FLDP) at Lockheed Martin

I had the pleasure of working alongside Paiman Vahdatinia while we were both attending San Jose State. We both worked endlessly towards accomplishing the many tasks and goals assigned to us in order to become members of a prestigious business fraternity.

I always found Paiman to be a reliable, hardworking, and passionate person. His personality speaks volumes for people lucky enough to work alongside him. When I became the Vice-President of our business fraternity, I always looked to Paiman for collaboration. He always engaged in deep conversations and participated in as many opportunities presented towards him.

I recommend Paiman on the basis of being one of the most hardest working individuals that I have ever met. His passion towards duty and his work rivals even the soldiers whom I work with on a regular basis. After having spent five years in the military thus far, I have yet to meet anyone with Paiman's caliber towards hard work.

Nellenda Rublico, PHR

Sr. HR Generalist/HR Business Partner at F5 Networks

I had the pleasure of working with Paiman on the same team for three years, where he progressed into different roles and increased responsibilities. He wholeheartedly lives and breathes collaboration and teamwork; he is the type who will go above and beyond to ensure he and his teammates are happy and that they will succeed. As one of the project managers for the department’s Process Enrichment Plan, he helped reduce redundancy and increase productivity, while keeping the team motivated. He also exemplified his leadership abilities through mentoring others, acting as an advisor on major projects and creating partnerships with clients. In the three years that we worked together, I've seen him adapt to difficult scenarios, continuously grow and create a positive, lasting impact on our department. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Kristen Magno

HRIS Reporting Specialist at Activision

Paiman is one of the most hardworking and passionate individuals I know. He has a lot of ambition and leadership, which was clearly seen during the time I worked with him. I knew Paiman through two organizations at SJSU. Last year I had the opportunity to work with him closely when I became a founding member and officer for NSLS. As founder and president of this organization he showed true leadership capabilities when it came to leading his officers and interacting with all the general members. He always had innovative ideas to share with the officers and he always showed a willingness to grow and learn. This organization really helped him as a leader as he really embraced and applied what he learned in Alpha Kappa Psi as well as his past jobs into making this organization a success.

Clifford Jung

Solutions Architect at Dell

Working with Paiman I found him as a person with great experience and deep proficiency of financial solutions. Paiman did an exceptional job on the recent project by improving poor process of collections of assets. Energetic person with huge knowledge. Innovative, well educated and hard working strategist. Shows at all times a lot of analytical capability and willingness for his both personal & professional development. Seen in his thirst for knowledge in Alpha Kappa Psi and Professional career. As a manager, Paiman applied the some of the most effective financial management techniques in the organization.

Ron Buena

Helping private companies manage equity in the cloud

Paiman is a great hardworking, and smart individual. He possesses many leadership qualities which is reflected upon the work given within our organization. He is very friendly and helpful, with a great attitude that is spread to fellow members and co-workers. I have no doubt that he will create success no matter what career he pursues!

Anish Neupane

Travel and Tourism

Paiman has been working at the Murry Foundation in Gaurijung, Chitwan district of Nepal. He is a very open-minded individual who is very eager to learn and help others. With regards to his work ethic, he is always willing to put in 110% of his effort into his work and teaching the children. He is very respectful, gets along great with others, and has a great personality. I would definitely recommend him for any type of position, as he is very adaptable and learns quickly.


Anish Neupane

NSLS Member

I became acquainted with Paiman Vahdatinia when I was invited to join the National Society for Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi) during the Spring semester of 2010 at San Jose State University. Paiman served as the fraternity president, and in this role he displayed dedication, pride and attention to detail. When addressing an audience, he displays poise and he is confident. Paiman is the type of team player that would be an asset to any organization to which he might apply.

Juan Sans

Global Human Resources Executive

Paiman is bright and results oriented. Paiman does not need detailed explanations in order for him to provide you with a well thought out solution. He does thorough work and is a pleasure to work with.

David B.

I had the pleasure of working with Paiman at HDS. He was responsible for developing and facilitating the U.S. onboarding for HDS' Global WINS Internship Program. Due to Paiman's enthusiasm, professionalism and detailed information, the interns had a very positive experience during their onboarding session. He maintains a wonderful reputation at HDS and remains a favored go-to person to make things happen. I highly recommend Paiman and hope to work with him again.

James Thorn

Chief Compliance Officer

Beyond Paiman's work ethic, intelligence, focus on details and persistence on accuracy is is friendly, team oriented persona. He was great to work with.


Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello :)

San Francisco Bay Area


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